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Prevention is always better than cure. The Smile Studio Dental Clinic believes that timely dental treatment is cheaper whereas neglect can cost you your teeth/smile. We strongly promote general dental health via routine check-up. When dental checkup is done regularly any major tooth problem is detected at an early stage.

We thoroughly examine the medical history of patients to take x-rays as and when required to keep a track on their dental health.

Daily brushing/ rinsing with antiseptic mouthwash might not be enough to maintain a good oral health in the long term.

General dentistry includes following :
1) Tooth Scaling and Polishing
Scaling and polishing are dental procedures of deep cleaning of the teeth. The infected deposits such as plaque, calculus, and stains are professionally removed from the tooth surfaces.

At Smile Studio we offer specialized treatments like Power Dental Cleaning and cleaning with specialized equipment’s like AIR PROPHYLEX and U600.

2) Tooth Filling
A tooth filling is a dental procedure to fill the loss of tooth incurred by tooth decay. Tooth decay causes pain, infection and further tooth loss if not taken care of in time. Tooth decay is caused by common bacteria, which needs to be removed, and the tooth needs to be restored.

We at Smile Studio, Dental Clinic, provide the best material tooth filling according to the extent of repair of the tooth.

3) Tooth Coloured Filling/Composite Resins
At Smile Studio, Dental Clinic creates a color, nearly identical to that of the actual tooth adding to the aesthetics. Composites bond to the tooth and prevent fracture. Oral hygiene needs to be maintained for a healthy dental life. Consult us now for a complete dental check-up.

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