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An appointment with the smile designer at the Smile Studio could be a matter of choice or a matter of priority. A smile designing procedure is essential to correct defective, unappealing gaps between teeth and the proportion of visible gums. Smile designing procedure is actually a correction of the smile line, which is unique to every person depending on his or her smile window. The treatment could range from basic cosmetic dentistry to surgeries involving facial skeletons to correct jaw deformities.

Why Smile Designing:

Smile Designing is maintaining the correct pink and white ratio, and the golden proportion of facial aesthetics. It goes a long way in leaving a long lasting impression on the people you meet.

In a world where everything from your furniture to holiday trips is designed to the finest of the details, the science of dentistry has today evolved to the level that one can virtually dictate the smile which he or she wants to carry and share.

1. Tooth Coloured Filling: If you want to take care of the aesthetics after filling and want natural coloured fillings for your affected teeth, tooth color restoration is the right solution. They mimic the natural color of the teeth so that the fillings cannot be seen.

2. Tooth Jewelry: Bring a sparkle to your smile with tooth jewellery. We at The Smile Studio Dental Clinic ensure the use of safe elements with no side effects. These can be removed easily whenever you wish to go for a change. Enjoy a Sparkling Smile with us. 

3. Veneers: Veneers are used to mask teeth defects such as gaps, discoloration, out of shape etc. They are fabricated to give a natural look and give a perfect smile. The types of veneers available are:

– Composite or Direct Laminates
– Composite-Ceramic Veneer
– Ceramic or Indirect Veneers
– Thineers (No Preparation)
– Lumineers

4. Laser Teeth Whitening: Do your yellow teeth embarrass you? Laser teeth whitening (also known as light-activated teeth whitening) is one of the newest method available for teeth whitening. Laser treatment involves using a beam of special laser light on the desired areas of the mouth. Laser teeth whitening is popular because the procedure takes only 20 minutes, and results can be seen instantly.

5. Full Mouth Rehabilitation: It corrects imperfections and enhances the appearance of the smile also correcting worn out and deep bites. Anyone with short, abraded teeth or those that are chipped and broken, throughout the mouth can go for this procedure. Combining the science of Neuromuscular Dentistry with the artistry of Cosmetic Dentistry, Full Mouth Rehabilitation creates a smile that is functional, comfortable and beautiful. Digital options with CAD CAM procedures are possible.